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In November of 2015, we started on a journey -- a journey that would help us secure a permanent home so we could reach more forgotten cities in the state of Ohio. In March of 2017, God opened the door for that opportunity in Shawnee Square. Now we're ready to see God take this dream full-circle. But to see it through, it will take all of us playing our part. As of today, demolition on our new space has started, but that's just the beginning. There is so much more to do!

We want to build a place that all of us, and many more, can call home. It won’t happen by the talent of few, but by the sacrifice of many. Let’s be a church that when everything is said and done, there is more done than said.
Our next step requires greater faith. It’s a step we have to take together, as a church, to propel us into a new season of ministry. Our step is big. Our ask is great. But we’re in this together. We’re praying, giving, and trusting that WE can see this project through, sooner than later. To get to the next step, to continue what God has started, we need to raise an additional $350,000 to finish our project.

We are a full-circle church with full-circle faith. Let’s play our part, go all in, and see this dream come full-circle in Shawnee Square!

This is just the beginning and the best is yet to come!





What if we lived for something bigger than ourselves? What if we built a legacy that outlived our lives on earth? What if we set up lasting altars, like Abraham, where generations to come can meet God and call on his name? What if we built a church that was not just for those who are already here, but also for those who are not? For people who are yet far from God’s grace, for children who have not yet experienced Him for themselves, and for their children who are yet to be born? What if we sacrificed momentarily to build what lasts eternally? What if we gave, what we cannot keep, to gain, what we cannot lose?


These next six months mark an era of unprecedented opportunity for our church. The phrase “actions speak louder than words” has never rang more true for us. Let’s not just say we love our community and generation, let’s show it. This begins our journey to build a place for thousands to be changed from despair to hope, from darkness to light, from death to life. We want to build a place that all of us and many more can call home. It won’t happen by the talent of few, but by the sacrifice of many. Let’s be a church that when everything is said and done, there is more done than said.


What is the location?

The new home for Centerpoint Church will be located in the previous movie theater in Shawnee Square shopping mall, 144 Consumer Center Drive, in Chillicothe, OH.

Why did we choose Shawnee Square?

Our desire has always been to be a church “in the city – for the city.” The doors God has opened for us to launch a campus in the heart of our city is beyond what we could have ever dreamed or imagined. At our Chillicothe Campus, we believe God will draw people from every walk of life. We are excited for the opportunity to help revitalize a forgotten part of our city!

Why is this location the best solution to accelerate our vision and mission?

Our new location will be easily accessible from US HWY 35 & US HWY 23. This supports our vision to reach as many people as we possibly can by being directly accessible from two major highways. It also give us the chance to give hope once lost new meaning and new life right here in the heart of our city. We’re all about changing the name of this city and revitalizing what has been deemed broken. It is our goal, through the permanent planting of this church right in Shawnee Square, to bring hope and life to a forgotten part of our city that we love so dearly.

Are we buying or leasing?

A lot of thoughtful guidance, prayer, and professional counsel was sought in making the decision on whether to buy or lease. Leasing gives us the opportunity to design the building to fit our needs as a growing church so we can dynamically chase the vision God has called us to accomplish. It also enables us to enjoy the freedom from maintenance responsibilities, have access to other rental facilities, and have additional monies available for ministry and future Centerpoint campuses. God has called us to reach the forgotten cities of our state, and this allows us to chase after that calling through being careful and strategic with our finances.

Why is this option the best stewardship of what God has entrusted to us?

From a financial standpoint, using an existing facility is the most cost-effective approach. Building or renovating a space will be an investment in our community. By retooling a facility, we will be able to utilize the components already in place. In comparison, a comparable facility would cost us $4.5 million if we were to build new excluding the cost of land.

When will this project be completed?

We anticipate being able to provide a more specific timeline in the months to come.

What is the project?

This is a $1.5M overall project. We’re taking an uninhabited space in our city and completely transforming it. Bringing down the walls of a once movie theater and creating a state of the art auditorium. Using technology, and gathering places that will allow us to broadcast the word of God into other cities in our state, online, and across the globe.

How much have we raised so far?

Since we launched NO LIMITS back in November, 2015, we have raised $597,000 for our project.

Have we used NO LIMITS funds?

Yes we have! All funds allocated to date, have exclusively been used for the Shawnee Square renovation project. From architectural fees, due diligence, to project management, we’ve been able to move the project forward in preparation for this next phase.

Will we require financing?

We believe this will take a complete miracle from Jesus but we fully trust that when we step out, HE steps in. We know to pay off debt, we will be shifting our leadership and church culture to become more generous. The projected growth of the church and this shift in generosity will allow us to pay off debt sooner than later. We are also diligently working with our Architecture firm to have different building project plans to ensure we are able to meet budget and be ready to move in when the time is right.

Why an additional $350,000?

While our initial NO LIMITS generosity campaign raised nearly $600,000, our goal was $750,000. The overall financial scope of this project will be $1.5M. While this is a lot of money, we know this is the next best move for us as a church that will only help us propel into more forgotten cities such as Waverly and Circleville.

We also need to keep our debt services reduced so we don’t handicap future ministry. Our goal with this project and this next step, we need to bridge the financial gap as well as ensure we can secure financing and continue doing current ministry that will support our future growth as we move into our permanent facility.

If you're ready to play your part in bringing this vision full-circle, you can make a commitment to financially support The Shawnee Project or sign-up to parnter in prayer or a service project below.

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