WORSHIP Auditions

At Centerpoint, we pursue the expression of worship with passion and excellence. We’re always excited to add quality musicians to our team, which is why we provide a unique, web-based audition process.
Centerpoint Worship is accepting all auditions via video submissions. We’re so excited about all that Jesus is doing in our church and we’re looking forward to seeing your audition videos. We will review your videos and email you back if we have decided to move forward in the audition process. If you play multiple instruments and want to audition with them all, we ask that you submit videos for each. This includes vocalists who also play instruments.

All auditions are conducted using a video submissions via YouTube. Here’s how it works:

+ Download the Audition Resources and follow the instructions for your instrument
+ Select the audition song*you’ll use for your audition
+ Play your instrument with the corresponding part of the song
+ Play along with the song being sure that your playing can be clearly heard
+ Shoot your video and post the link, along with the requested info, in the form below

*Drums, Bass & Guitar Prep
“Our Great God” or “Invincible” by Newspring Worship

*Keys prep
“Our Great God” by Newspring Worship

*Vocalist Prep
+ Male Vocalists – Sing the Chorus and Bridge a cappella (no accompaniment) of “Defender” by NewSpring Worship. Sing a Verse and Chorus of a song of your choice a cappella.

+ Female Vocalists – Sing Verse 1, PreChorus, and Chorus a cappella (no accompaniment) of “The Height” by NewSpring Worship. Sing a Verse and Chorus of a song of your choice a cappella.

Optional – Submit any videos of your live performances. Please send these links as well.
Upload your video via YouTube. Under privacy settings, select “Unlisted” and title with “Your Name-Centerpoint Worship Audition.” Submit your audition by filling out the form below. Include the YouTube link to your video on the form.
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